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Below is the FAQ for all registered riders and individuals curious about the 2017 High Cascades 100.

Updates happen every few months

  • Mandatory Packet Pickup day prior Friday  11-7 pm MT Bachelor Village
  • Make sure to reserve a place to stay even before registering!
  • Event start time 5:30 am the 3rd Saturday each July
  • Parking the am of the event is the hardest thing to do all day so plan a spot to park if you our not staying at MT bachelor Village close to the start. No parking at the Athletic Club of Bend
  • Winning times 7:30-7:50 for the men and just under 9 Hrs for the womens 1st place
  • Finisher Rate 85% average, 2015 and 2014 was 90%
  • Most likely injury Collarbone followed by laceration (Please be careful) 2 injuries in 2015
  • Ratio of Men to Women 7-1 (Over 50 Women completed the 100 miles in 2014)
  • Highest percentage of racers by age 40-44
  • Percentage of first time participants: Over 50%
  • Full suspension or Hardtail (47% Full and 42 Hardtail with specialty bikes SS and Fat bikes making up the rest)
  • Happiness percentage of personal bike set up 95%







Thanks for signing up or checking the event out to put it on your bucket list or coming back to have more fun in Bend year after year!
This race/ride is for people who have ridden bikes for quite a long time and understand the need for proper training/hydration and Death can occur or serious injury. Please consult your physician before entering any event and especially a 100-mile mountain bike race. Once entered all entry fees are nonrefundable (see below)and will not be refunded past the 50% refund deadline of June 1st for any reason including Rain, heat, national emergency, fire, volcanic eruption, bigfoot abductions, or alien encounters. Be aware that if a fire were to threaten the event, I would refund you a portion of your entry fee, or you could get in next year if the event has to be canceled. Please enter knowing this! Also do to the remoteness of the course it can and will take depending on where you go down 2-3 hrs to get to you in most situations, so take care of each other out on the course and no your limits. This event is under a special event permit with the US Department of Agriculture US Forest service Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District.



Mike and Family and Crew








How hard is the event?


That depends? We have averaged an 87% finisher rate over the history of the event and in 2016 an 84% finisher rate with 80 for a high temp and 45-50 at the start. Quite possibly the toughest part is all the amazing trails that can add up over the course of the day combined with  hydration are the biggest factors in finishing or finishing well. Last years fastest time was 7:54 hrs Chris Jones and Serena Gordon at 9:04. Your pace is dependent on so many things, including soil moisture, actual trails in the event and your ability to ride Bend Trails or learn quickly that the center of the trail is your friend and straying outside the center can cause you problems.

This is not an easy event by any means but you can do this and with 25+ breweries in town if you DNF you have  a good back up plan including our friends and main beer support at Deschutes Brewery.









Please do this immediately after registering. Last year these accommodations filled up in January for special rates!

This is perfect for the family or group of guys and gals sharing a space!

So much more to come and make sure to reserve a room close to the start line at Mount Bachelor Village Resort
The 3rd week of July is super busy in Bend and our host accommodations are so close to the start and finish that you can reserve now with no advanced deposit required!  The number is (877) 394-8966, reference group code 291907.

Room rates expire on June 13th so get on it or when the room block fills which was January last year.

This location is 1/4 mile from the start and finish!

Please take advantage of the rates provided until June 13th as the tourist traffic and other large groups do book and can push your chance to stay out the window.

Camping (Dispersed) is available 15 minutes away at Wanoga Snow park and please check local conditions for fire restrictions as most likely any fires in the woods will not be allowed at this time


LINK to Forest pass to camp or recreate in the Deschutes National Forest and other areas

For those not staying at Mt Bachelor Village alternate parking will be provided within 2 miles of the event at Deschutes Ridge off of Columbia and Disk Drive. Please park from 4am until 5:15am to make the start and or to get to the included hot breakfast in time at the Athletic Club of Bend.


What is at the aid stations?


1000 gallons of water or 48 oz minimum for each person at each of 5 aid stations, last year we served up 120,000 ounces of water and electrolyte drink.

Bagels,  PB and J, Nutella,  Chips, COKE, (at Select aid stations) and special treats at certain aid stations.


Also you can drop a 1 gallon zip lock bag or super small cooler not to exceed 12×16 at 2 locations adds that extra push to the finish line. Pack your bag with special treats and or electrolyte drink that you know works for you!

At the Aid stations you will find plenty of Hammer “HEED” and thanks to their support and Water. If you have a favorite drink that has protein please drop some bottles with that powder ready to go and fill.

This is crucial when no outside support is available from your friends and family for Dutchman aid 3. Look at the Course maps page for where you can go and where you cant as a spectator.

Mechanics also to keep the wheels rolling and the rest is up to you. 90.9 % finished last year!

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Where is everything at?

The Bend area can be confusing enough with all the round abouts and visitors to the area. Check this out to get a good feel for the area

MAP of Layout of Host Property including where to park (NO parking at the Athletic Club of Bend until after 2pm Saturday)



Key to finishing well:


Training! More to come and since we finish around 90% all of you have done your homework or suffer well to finish with style!

Does the event fill?

Yes and we may have a spot late so e-mail mike@mudslingerevents.com for available space.


Special Notice
I will be holding 5 spots for top overall NUE series. So if you are in the top 5 this season heading into High Cascades 100 overall in Open Men, Open Women, 50+ Men or SS you will have a spot waiting. This way if the race fills you can still come with all your hard work prior to.

Does the High Cascades 100 allow outside support?

No unless you want to volunteer at  Lava Lake, Dutchman, Skyliners, area are NO outside support zones no matter what course I have so please volunteer at volunteer@mudslingerevents.com if you want to support for the day or part of the day . All other snow parks, Wanoga or Edison our fine to support or Swampy as well for your bottle feed.

ALSO NO Outside support vehicles are allowed to leave Bend until 6:00am to  provide a safe start for the riders. Any vehicle on the road following the riders outside of official vehicles will result in a 1hr time penalty to the rider. Outside support will have plenty of time to get to aid #1 or other aid stations that allow outside support in plenty of time.


IF you want to support your rider, maybe you can volunteer…we need your help and you get a great meal and shirt


How does the medical support work at the High Cascades 100?


We advanced first aid available on course with Crackerjack First Response at each aid station and at the finish,including radio communication by the ARES radio group at each checkpoint we will have you covered.  Being that this course is very large it will take quite some time to get to you if you are seriously injured and with this knowledge please take care of each other on the course and make sure to alert aid station personal if someone is hurt and needs assistance.NO motos are allowed unless we need to dispatch local Search and Rescue and this can take 30 minutes to get ready to leave from Bend and combined with travel time to where you are hurt means that this is a serious endeavor on your part to maintain control of your bike and do what you can to come back safe.  While we have had some injuries such as Collarbones and puncture wounds and the typical loss of skin or concussion, neck trama, and or an IV from dehydration and would like to leave it at that or better said the average is 2-5 injuries requiring medical attention beyond what we can do in the field. Over my 20 years of putting on races I have rarely had to call for assistance but will do everything in my power to get medical support to you quickly. With all other recreation occurring in the forest from multiple user groups you can expect a 2hr to 3hr time to be rescued if you are seriously hurt.

Is neutral mechanical support available?


YES, Sagebrush Cycles with 5 mechanics spread out on the course with excellent service to keep you rolling. We will lube your chain with lube adjust derailleurs, and provide assistance to the best of our ability. If by chance you do need a repair that requires payment please give the mechanic your race number and name and stop by Sunday the 20th to the shop that fixed your bike and settle up with them for the part allocated to complete your journey. In addition to service we will have some tubes and a tire or 2 at each aid area, but make sure to store some rubber patches/a tube a CO2 or other small parts in your drop bags to ensure your bike makes it to the finish line.


What are the cutoff times for this event? 

We want everyone to finish and with that being said many elements are in play. Heat and hydration and staying upright to name a few!


2016 Route Cut off’s

  • Skyliner Snow park mile 42 Aid 2 at 12pm 6.5 hrs into the event.
  • Dutchman Aid 3 mile 57 at 1:30 no exceptions
  • Lava Lake Aid 4 mile 69 3:30 pm* Soft Cut…..4pm Hard cut
  • Edison Snow Park Aid 5 mile 79 at 6:30pm no exceptions (if you dont make the Lava Cut, you may crawl your way to Edison and you maybe can make it!


You can drop the night prior at Mt Bachelor Village until 7 pm under the tents or the am of between 4:30 and 5am at the Athletic Club of Bend and start line….NO Parking at the Athletic Club of Bend until after 2pm in the Upper Parking lot

While things do change year to year depending on the actual course, a time of 1:pm to 1:30pm at 50-55 miles is where the hard cut half way will be established to ensure your safety the rest of the way to the finish line. The average speed needed is about 7.5-8mph on average to make the cut off and to be well on your way to finishing without getting caught in the dark as even though it may be lite outside, the forest is much darker late in the day and Mudslinger Events will not compromise the safety of any participant in regards to cutoff times.

Just average 7.5 mph and all you can finish this epic event.

Everyone who made this cut made it to the Finish line!

Pre-Ride with COG Wild!


Come ride a key  section of the course without the hassle of setting
up a shuttle.

Pre-ride shuttle is set space is limited and route is  TBD

Meet at Cog Wild at 8:30AM Wednesday July 12th 2017, $30 per person. 255 SW Century Dr.

Cost $30.00 if you get dropped off and picked up on course

$15.00 just dropped off and left to your own way back

Remember Water is available at Lava Lake, its kinda hard to find by the camping area off of the route

If riding the final 20 miles back to Bend, remember that the final right hand turn from Kiwa Butte down Tiddlywinks is not marked and will head you to aid 1…so take the right and go home!


Here is our local trail shuttle info:  LINK.

9am, 10:30am and Noon every day, $15 per person.
And our MRT shuttle info: LINK
If Folks want a guided tour, our Half Day LINK or Full Day options are great LINK



Offsite parking location

Free entry offer

2 volunteers will get you in, just e-mail volunteer@mudslingerevents.com prior to June 1st 2015 while space remains!

1 volunteer such as yourself the day before at Packet pickup or maybe you want to help mark the course you can get 50% off!

Refund Policy (non offered after entry is accepted)

Until April 30th 50% if u are injured NONE after June 1st. In the case of a tragic injury I will transfer the first 20 injured to 2017’s roster until July 10th. 
Whats included in Entry

For your hard earned cash the best possible course I can come with (75 miles of trail) and amazing support to get you to the finish along with:

  • Custom Socks and Shirt
  • Pint glass
  • Finisher Growler for finishing.
  • Amazing Medical Support and more
  • Post event Deschutes Brewery Beer and great food
  • Custom Awards 3 deep
  • Great Raffle
  • Other great Prizes from the NUE series and sponsors!


BBQ of Friends and Family and vegitarian option can be purchased online or the day prior only for this Private affair.  


The Beer!

Deschutes Brewery Beer for those 21 and Older or N/A beverage. All champions of the 8 categories will get a growler fill and super custom medal…also free entry to next year!











When is the Mandatory meeting and Packet Pickup?

No Mandatory meeting for this event as everyone is on a time frame that suits your needs and has traveled long distances in most cases. I will post various videos with detailed information and the latest info

Packet Pickup (11-7pm at Mt Bachelor Village) Friday

I will be speaking Friday  at Packet pickup at Mt Bachelor Village  (19717 Mount Bachelor Dr ) from 1 pm outside of  the Twilight room and answering questions. Packet Pickup is from 11am until 7pm to pick up your swag or purchased items and sign a physical waiver/check your race info.

Every participant must come in and pick up your packet and confirm your emergency info and race info including Team Name prior to receiving your plate and swag bag to ensure that we have the most current info in the event of an emergency.

In addition your left calf will be marked after you are through the line with a O,V,M,S,C to let others know what category you are in. We also have the plates sequenced by category and this works well unless someone switches to SS or back to geared, which happens 4-5 times.


AM packet Pickup is available no later than 5am at the Athletic Club of Bend for the last minute riders. Your friend can pick up your swag, but not your plate! It is highly advisable to come the day prior…..we will start on time on Saturday! Bathrooms are located outside and we have 10 of them.


Location of all things important to get you started the Day Prior

including day of parking (no parking at the Athletic Club or Mt Bachelor Village the day of unless you are staying there)

Google Map of Mt Bachelor Village/Athletic Club of Bend

Parking info the for the day of (parking is off site for those not staying at MT Bachelor Village and is a short 1 mile ride away)

Flagers will be on hand to direct you and reflective signs will guide you. This is a good thing to recon the day prior so you are relaxed driving to Parking and riding over.


Can I switch my T-shirt size at Packet pickup?


NO or maybe?, sorry as the crew has done its best to accommodate quite a bit of large to medium switches over the years and it has left the event short in some years or close to short. We do over order, but even with over ordering this may leave us short. We do order womens specific shirts and mens to be as custom as possible so If you do need to change your size as your training progresses, please e-mail me at least 6 weeks out to guarantee the correct size requested. If we do have extras after you finish you may swap yours out.

Can I get a Custom High Cascades Jersey onsite.

Maybe? I do over order by 10 extra and these are on a first to show Friday for Packet Pickup basis. Order by April 29th when the online order closes to have one waiting for you by event time.

Riding in Bend

Keep Single Track single.
Most vegetation is fragile and very sensitive to trampling. When passing others  the lead rider move over when safe and try to keep the single track single. This will avoid widening the trail unnecessarily. Use passing lanes whenever possible. When you stop for a break please remove your bike from the trail so others can pass without being forced to go off the tread of the trail.

3. Some trails can be crowded.
Runners, dog walkers, families, tour groups, racers, equestrians  and recreational cyclists all share the same trails. Please be courteous to other users, and extend a friendly nod or “hello” when passing. You are not any more entitled to use these trails than anyone else even though it’s a race please behave and be friendly regardless of what the other trail users are doing. This is especially true anytime a long descent exists also does the potential for 2 way traffic on short risers or blind corners.


Clothing Policy

Any clothing left over after Sunday, will be donated to Junior racing in Oregon no exceptions come cross season.  All left over clothing will be placed on one side of the race event trailer after the event Saturday and if not picked up by Sunday at 9am will be taken back to my house.

When dropping a jacket and or any article of clothing please label this gear prior to dropping it. While 95% of the Gear after the event is picked up, 5% on average does go missing or is accidentally picked up so please do not drop any item of value that will be missed as this gear drop is an honor system to which Mudslinger Events does not 100% guarantee that your cycling gear will be returned in any case no exceptions.

Event Jersey from Pactimo (Racer Cut for men and women






Custom High Cascades merchandise available online


Race Starts and Finishes

Race starts at 5:30 am sharp on 7/15/17 from the Athletic Club of Bend, please park in any of the areas outlined at Deschutes Ridge off of Columbia and Disk Drive or a city street unless marked no parking. Proceed on the paved trail up to the athletic club. (closest business in the parking area is the High Desert bank at 1000 disk drive bend or. 97702 so check this area out prior to race day so you have a game plan for the am. LOCATION

Map online other parking prior to the event is on side streets across century drive where open to parking. Chandler Drive and other city streets are open and you can move your car to the upper parking lot in the Athletic Club after noon the day of the race to allow for Athletic club patrons. NO parking the am of the event at the Athletic Club!

Rider call up at 5:20, please be on time as if you miss the start you are on your own I will call up all local and not so local Fast people and Leaders of the NUE and defending champions who make the event.


7:30pm at the finish Athletic Club of Bend

Food and beverages from 1pm

Custom Sasquatch Medals 3 deep

Best State Competition award (Top 4 riders with 1 being a women from your state) Cumulative time

Oregon is top for 2016 again and each of the 4 fastest Riders plus fastest women get to gift an entry in January to a friend and pay it forward.

3000.00 in Cash to the top riders, equal payout top 3 men and women 500,400,300.200 men and women and 100 for 5th men. Awards 3 deep and amazing prizes for those who attend.




At Wanoga only Friday and Saturday. Please watch out for areas where you should not park Dry Camping

(It is a 20 minute drive to the start if you are camping back to town) Please remember if we are in a fire restriction no fires and I will inform you if this is the situation.

Host Hotel is MT Bachelor Village in Bend. Do you want to be super close to the finish?   We will be finishing very close to the resort (.10 of a mile), so my best advice is to hit the link on my site and reserve now! Other close hotels are Pine Ride Inn and the Entrada. Rates our high if you wait so book early as with or without this event Bend fills up and reports have 5 more hotels going in over the next few years!


NO Littering or dropping gel packs. If you pull packs or anything out of one pocket, put the leftover in your garbage pocket and empty at the aid stations. I will DQ you if this happens and we know when no effort is made to stow your garbage. We do have gel flasks, need to do a complete inventory, but will be able to get you going and keep you going, so no tops of gel packets, or wrappers….please!

Other great ULTRA events. The NUE series is one way to go the distance. Please check out our friends at Ultra Marathon Cycling Association who will be posting your results in a points based format with other events across the nation.





Thanks Guys


For more info check the Race page for whats included ect and be safe on the trails

Mike and Family, Volunteers and Crew