Course Maps

THE COURSE (subject to change or late season snow)













THANKS for the support and thanks to COTA who maintains and keeps recreation possible along with the OET (Oregon Equestrian Trails) in Central Oregon.Donate to COTA here and mention Mudslinger Sent ya!




I will be riding the 2015 Course in August and September 2015 and I am hoping to bring back MT Bachelor but at mile 35 or so to give you plenty of time to get around the Lava and pure Bend singletrack that will leave you breathless…literally.


Things you need to take notice of

  1. You need a strong core and upper body with all the singletrack. This is true of any activity, that a strong core will help but even more so at the High Cascades 100 where the singletrack is plentiful and 1000 bumps and dips await your body.
  2. Nutrition is so important to take in enough electrolytes and water while eating foods that work for you. Please utilize the 1 Gallon Zip lock bag option for 2-3 places on course if you have a Go to food that we are not providing (FAQ page for general aid station info). An extra Clean and dry bottle can be dropped in your Gallon Zip lock bag that may have a powdered mix of your choice ready to go with water from our aid stations.
  3. I front load all of my events to the best of my ability to weed out anyone that could be put at risk later in the day if it was too easy at the beginning.  This year in 2014 the course is a bit more balanced with a bit more steeper climbing and some open roads to pass and less dust!  When I say 7.5 MPH will get you to the cut off point this is the case and this usually means from 5:30am until 1pm to make the Hard Cut.
  4. Crashing is not fun! Staying in the center of the trail will keep you upright to avoid soft corners that can exist anytime of the year and to any rider. Don’t let your competitive nature get ahead of safety when it comes to passing or taking chances as the steady consistent rider will prevail and find that sweet spot during the day and be able to adjust as necessary. Talk to others when passing and say thanks!
  5. Last but not least is to relax and have fun, whether  you are in front or towards the back treating this event like a ride with a bit of strategy is the best recipe for success for 80%
  6. Leaving anything on the course is not cool. Please make sure to label all of your dropped water bottles with your rider plate number on the lid prior to dropping the night before or am of. Please make extra sure to eat new gels from one pocket and stash in another pocket to be able to empty at the aid stations and not drop on the course. In addition some packaging does not open well and ends up leaving little bits a pieces of wrapper that the volunteers must clean up so please know that you have a responsiblity to take care of your ______ while racing to keep this event going strong.



TURN BY TURN with descriptions


NEW 2015 TBT in June/early July 2015


As always subject to change until a week prior per trail conditions Estimated Elevation Gain at 10,500 ft

Segment 1 Athletic Club to RD 300

Segment 2 Rd 300 to Aid 1 at Wanoga

Segment 3 Aid #1 to Aid #2

Segment 4 Aid #2 Dutchman Snow park (Hard Cut) to Lava Lake Aid #3

Segment 4 Lava Lake Aid #3 to Edison Aid #4

Segment 5 Edison Aid #4 to Wanoga Aid #5

Segment 6 Wanoga Aid #6 to Finish