Please contact Mudslinger Events with questions: volunteer@mudslingerevents.com

These guys look thirsty!










LINK to sign up anytime for 2018

Racers best option is packet pickup the day prior.

Sign up now and after Thanksgiving we can make your discounted entry happen

2 Volunteers = free entry or 1 volunteer means you will get in for half off.

The hardest spot to fill is Edison for the final aid station 2-6:30 pm.

Volunteer for this event and get another event for Free? You could sign up for this and participate in the Oregon 24, Oregon Gran Fondo or so many events at mudslingerevents.com and or oregontrailruns.com

We will be making an early push to fill up Course sweeps/clears and packet pickup folks for all of you who would love to help or participate for no cost.

This applies to any Mudslinger Event and we need youre help and appreciate youre support!